Fascia Massage Cream & Wax

Trusted by Massage Therapists
Used for a More Controlled Massage
Smooth & Gentle to the Skin

FASCIQ Wax & Cream are used in combination with cups and the IASTM Tools to support a smooth treatment. By lightly massaging the silicone cups in advance with Wax or Cream, the cups move easily over the skin.

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Our customers buy the FASCIQ® Fascia Wax & Cream for a more controlled Massage. Due to the ingredients the wax & cream are smooth & gentle to the skin.

Wax, cream and cupping sale

combi discount on cupping sets Mix various silicone cupping sets and waxes/creams and save up to 30% on your order. Purchase both the wax and the cream OR combine wax/cream with sillicone cups to recieve a 20% discount. Purchase 3 items and recieve a huge 30% discount!