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THYSOL USA provides a growing range of educational kinesiology taping books and manuals, to support therapists in the use of kinesiology tape and acupressure cross patches.

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Our customers buy MTC® Taping books to learn additional taping applications. Expand your knowledge on taping treatments further in order to better serve your clients/patients.

Kinesiology taping books for taping techniques and guidance

These books are an excellent guide for health professionals. The books are full of step-by-step instructions and images demonstrating various taping techniques.

MTC Kinesiology Taping Method Book

This Kinesiology Taping book is especially for (para) medical practitioners. Themes such as swelling, pain, itching and lymphatic conditions are discussed in the book. The basic techniques of taping are discussed, as well as numerous pathologies. Due to the success of this book, it is now also available in other languages: German, French, Polish and Russian. This makes the book a worldwide success.

MTC Kinesiology Taping for Horses

This kinesiology taping book for horses guides veterinary professionals on how to effectively treat specific injuries and other conditions. The book explains the fundamentals of equine kinesiology taping with step-by-step content, such as the treatment of scars, muscles and ligaments. In addition, the handbook provides professionals with in-depth descriptions (with supporting images) of specific applications of kinesiology taping.