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Sports tape versus elastic kinesiology tape

Often when talking about “taping”, many people mean the conventional white non-elastic sports tape. With this sports tape you can, for example, secure the ankles during a race. The purpose of this is to achieve a “limitation” of the joints. This sports tape should also be removed immediately after the race in order to avoid circulation problems.

Since 2000, there has been an increase in the use of elastic kinesiotape such as CureTape® and this has become indispensable. The coloured tapes are clearly visible during sporting events. CureTape® is now the largest consumable in physiotherapy because the field of applications is very extensive and the results are amazing.

In contrast to the white non-elastic sports strapping tape, this elastic CureTape® kinesiology sports tape increases mobility through function improvement. The full functionality of the muscles is retained.

conventional sporttape
ankle stability kinesiology tape

The principle is: activation instead of fixing.

The kinesiology sports tape can be used preventatively but also for the treatment of injuries and complaints. For example, for taping the ankle joint to avoid spraining during a contest, more often the coloured elastic tapes are being used. The comfort level is also very great. Due to the composition of CureTape® you will not notice that you are taped at a certain moment. But the effect continues for 24 hours. The kinesiology sports tape can easily be worn for several days and showering is no problem at all. Circulation problems do not occur. The method of application is a totally different method than with conventional white sports tape. We therefore advise you to take an MTC course to achieve the best results. Read more about MTC courses »