VetkinTape® Displaybox (1.2” x 16′) 20 Rolls

VetkinTape® Displaybox (1.2” x 16′) 20 Rolls

VetkinTape® kinesiology tape (1.2” x 16′) is a safe-to-use, latexfree product with the TÜV quality mark. It is produced in our own South Korean factory and specifically developed for the veterinarian market. Which is our unique selling point.

A displaybox contains 20 rolls of VetkinTape® 1.2”.

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Trusted by Veterinary Professionals
Global leader Veterinary Kinesiology Tape
Developed for Veterinary Appliance


Our customers buy VetkinTape® 1.2” Veterinary Kinesiology Tape because it is specifically developed for veterinary appliance (f.e. taping Canine).

VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology tape (1.2” x 16′) is an easy-to-use, latex free and TÜV quality mark certified product. It is specifically developed for the veterinary professionals. VetkinTape® highlights key features, such as:

  • Acrylic, latex-free adhesive layer which is heat-activated, hypoallergenic, animal friendly and wave-patterned to improve comfort
  • Adhesive lasts up to five days
  • Tape elasticity matches the stretch of animal coats for veterinary application
  • Easily applied and durable yet comfortable to wear, due to thickness and soft, breathable quality of elastic cotton

VetkinTape® rolls are wider than the original kinesiology tapes for the human market (CureTape®) and is improved with a stronger and more adhesive acrylic layer (+30% more adhesive). VetkinTape® is specifically designed for use on animals and should only be used for veterinary purposes.

Available in the colours: Blue, red, black and orange

VetkinTape® is applied for:

  • Activating of the blood- and lymph circulation.
  • Influencing the fascia and muscles
  • Treating scars
  • Tendon injuries- and inflammations
  • Post-treatment of muscular injuries
  • Improvement of the muscle function
  • Support of the joint function
  • Filled legs

A displaybox contains 20 rolls of VetkinTape®.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Emily Swanson
Easy to use!

I liked how easy the tape was to handle and stick well to my dog to help his back muscles!

Elizabeth Knabe
Vetkin introductory kit

I like the products based on what I saw of their effectiveness on cases presented by Dr. Mikail at the recent Canine Rehabilitation Institute workshop on myofascial techniques. I have not used them in clinical cases just yet but plan to do so soon now that I have had this training.

Vetkin tape

So easy to use and sticks so well, delivery was very quick as well

Rebecca Hill
Vetkin tape 10x5


German Anca
Excellent Product

I’m very happy whit my iniciation box.

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