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FASCIQ® Fascia courses offer physiotherapists and massage therapists the opportunity to increase your knowledge of elastic taping in combination with other fascia treatment techniques. You can follow fascia courses on specific techniques, think of Cupping, Flossing and various Fascia IASTM tools. These courses teach the framework for common injuries and applications that are recognizable within the field of work of physiotherapists and massage therapists.

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IASTM course

The IASTM course aims to demonstrate safe and effective use of FASCIQ IASTM tools, relevant to treating the fascia. Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) – Treatment using ergonomically designed tools made of high-quality stainless steel.

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Flossing & Cupping course

The Flossing & Cupping course aims to demonstrate safe and effective use of silicone cupping sets and floss bands, relevant to treating the fascia. Cupping is a treatment using silicone cups to suction and lift the skin and fascial layers. Flossing is a treatment of the joints and surrounding tissues using elasticated floss bands to compress the tissues.

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“10 years ago most of the therapists thought Medical Taping was a hype. In the meanwhile it became a globally acknowledged & used physio technique. It is an additional and must have treatment method that fits perfectly in every physio professional’s toolkit. I am looking forward to meet you at one of our courses!”

Christina Peter -International fascia courses instructor