CureTape® Sports Kinesiology Tape

CureTape® Sports Kinesiology Tape

CureTape® Sports offers just that extra bit of security when you are playing sports and want your kinesiology tape to stay in place! Made of viscose instead of cotton so the tape feels softer, dries faster and has an extra strong waterproof layer.

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The best adhesion
Certified Kinesiology Tape


Our customers buy CureTape® Sports because it is made of flexible materials and has increased adhesion. It is very suitable for extreme and sports conditions.

CureTape® Sports hypoallergenic kinesiology tape 2” x 16′ is made of viscose, a man-made fiber based on natural materials. Viscose contributes just as nice as cotton, but feels smoother and dries faster. It is precisely this combination of materials and hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive, provide extra strength waterproof adhesive. A good choice for endurance on the athletic and sports field. CureTape® Sports tape is very suitable to wear during intense exercise, even under extreme conditions.

Why CureTape®️ kinesiology tape:

  • The most commonly used tape among professionals.
  • Constant, high quality.
  • Skin-friendly, suitable for the sensitive skin.
  • Latex free, elastic, water resistant and breathable.
  • Production in our ISO certified factory in South Korea.
  • Complies with the latest European medical MDR legislation.
  • Excellent quality, TÜV and ISO certificate.

Certificates & Registrations CureTape®️ Sports:

CureTape®️ Sports is used for:

  • Activating the blood and lymph circulation.
  • (Post) treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system.
  • Pain relief and change in range of motion.
  • Improvement of muscle function and skin structures.
  • Support of joint function.

Available colours: beige, blue, pink, lime, orange and black.

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“CureTape® convinced me from the beginning”

“I am using CureTape, a product that convinced me from the beginning because my clients tolerate it on the skin until it comes off by itself, even up to 2 weeks. It is easy to take off and also easy to apply for those who feel confident to use it at home. I haven’t seen any skin irritation, not even complaints about an uncomfortable feeling. The general response of my customers is very positive, they feel the support of the tape for muscles and joints and the release of tension and pain.”


– Martina Link, Balance Your Life clinic


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Customer Reviews

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Good product andquick delivery


Very accomplished tape.

Ted Farrier
Shoulder injury

This tape is very good, helps to support the area around my injury and stays in place even through gym and swim sessions, sauna and steam room visits and showers. Recommend it.

Emily Butts
Long application

Absolutely love the using the sports tape for my lymphatic taping sessions. Tape is easy to handle and application last 5 days on average. This is the only tape for me in my practice.

Suzanne Fox-Kennedy
Colour my life

Love my lime green curetape. Love the support it gives my shoulder playing tennis . Thats why I get all my tapes from Thysol

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