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Fascia massage tools are an excellent method of releasing constrictions of the muscle. FASCIQ® products are recommended by Dr. Robert Schleip. Read more about the Fascia Massage tools at the bottom of this page.

THYSOL is the No. 1  supplier of manual massage tools in the US and offers various manual fascia massage tools:

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FASCIQ® - Recommended by Dr. Robert Schleip

“We are delighted to include FASCIQ® as one of our partners. Not only do we share a common purpose – supporting medical health professionals achieve their aspirations – we know how fundamental education and a well applied fascia treatment concept, which is based on well conducted scientific research, can improve clients’ well beings on a global level.” - Dr. Robert Schleip Fascia Research Group, Munich, Germany Fascia The numerous muscles and organs of the body are encapsulated in a ‘skin bag’ called facia. At times the fascia adheres to the muscle itself restricting muscle movement and causing pain.

Fascia tools for fascia release treatment

Treatment is brought about by applying the appropriate amount of pressure over the muscle against the fascia using the tool and guiding the tool along the length of the muscle releasing the fascias adhesion to the muscle. The FASCIQ® line includes of the following products:
  • FASCIQ® IASTM Tools made of high quality stainless steel used by the professional practitioner for "soft tissue" and trigger point treatment.
  • FASCIQ® Massage foam tools for myofascial release and maintaining a supple fascial network, consisting of foam rollers, peanut balls and a massage ball made of EPP.
  • FASCIQ® Silicone Cups for loosening the fascia, reducing pain and activating circulation. At the same time, cups speed up the removal of waste from the treated tissue.
  • FASCIQ® Wax & Cream are used in combination with cups and the IASTM Tools to support smooth treatment.

Why use fascia massage tools?

Regular use of these fascia massage tools can prevent injuries and will increase ROM (Range of Motion). THYSOL offers the FASCIQ® range of fascia release tools to cater for the fascia the body ovrrer. FASCIQ® is a specialized range of fascia release tools specifically designed to move and release the fascia. The fascial network affects:
  • Strength.
  • Movement and mobility.
  • The immune system.
  • The balance of various internal systems (lymph, digestion, hormone and metabolism).
  • The posture.