FASCIQ® Cellulite Cupping Set of 4 Cups

FASCIQ® Cellulite Cupping Set of 4 Cups

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Start your journey to smoother, tighter skin and visible reduction of cellulite with our set of cellulite cupping cups. Easy to use and easy to clean. Now with new design that offers extra grip during treatment.

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Premium Grade Silicone
Promotes Blood Circulation
For Dynamic or Static Cupping

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Our customers buy the FASCIQ® Silicone cupping set – Set of 4 Cups because it helps smooth the skin and is commonly used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Mix various silicone cupping sets and save on your order.

The FASCIQ Cupping set of 4 helps to improve blood flow and remove waste products. Set of 4 different transparent massage cups packed in a handy fabric FASCIQ storage bag. Easy-to-press cups to create a vacuum lifting effect. Suitable for a cupping massage of various body parts.
Popular choice for treating cellulite.

  • Easy to hold and turn around
  • Optimized shape, silky
  • smooth surface,
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to clean
  • Newly developed ideal handle
  • Very powerful vacuum effect
  • Extremely long life


  • Highest quality Silicone FDA Approved
  • The best developed elasticity
  • BPA Free

Silicone Cupping Set of 4 different transparent Cellulite cups, packed in a convenient, fabric FASCIQ® storage bag.

Cellulite cups dimensions

The diameters of these cellulite cupping cups are 1.8” / 2.4” / 3” and 3.9”.

Cupping cups features

Easy to press cups for creating a vacuum and effortless moving on the skin. Suitable for a cupping massage of various body surface areas.

Silicone cupping set product video

For more videos browse the FASCIQ YouTube channel.

How to use the celullite cupping set?

Step 1:

Remove air from the inside of the cup by holding the cup with both hands using both your thumbs to compress the cup by pushing the top of the cup down.

Step 2:

Apply the compressed cup to the targeted skin area and release to create a vacuum/suction.

Step 3:

Leave cup(s) on the target area for 3-5 minutes, you may also move the cup side to side or rotate it in circular motion.

Step 4:

Lift or compress the cup in order to remove.



FASCIQ® Cellulite Cupping Set of 4 Cups

Along with body brushing I’ve been using this on my tights and legs. That has helped me with Lymphatic drainage/swelling legs after a long day at work and reduces pain or discomfort straight away. leg I use it with the body cream that came in the Massage minigun and I’ve tried also with dry body oil.”

Customer who prefers to remain anonymous,

Cellulite cupping set

These silicone cups are often used to treat cellulite during cupping therapy. Due to the shape of the cups you can glide and hold the cups well, you can use more or less pressure by pressing less or more on the cup and the shape of the cup remains round, which allows you to treat a well-shaped area. With a cupping massage, the subcutaneous waste substances that cause the well-known orange-peel (cellulite) skin can be loosened and discharged by the lymph system. The circulation and production of collagen is stimulated, which can cause the skin to look healthier and tighter. With the help of the FASCIQ® cellulite cups you can treat the appearance of cellulite. Additionally, the various sizes can be used for different parts of the body. Cupping therapy can feel irritating at first, so make sure that you gently build up the cupping massage and use a good oil to let the anti-cellulite cups glide over the skin. For this you can use the FASCIQ® fascia cream for gliding the cups, while the FASCIQ® fascia wax can provide more grip.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Heyo Myo

FASCIQ® Cellulite Cupping Set of 4 Cups

good product

easy too use,

Mary-Therese Bazouni
Bloating, Pain and Cellulite

So far they feel amazing to use. I am using them on myself at the moment. I suffer gastroparesis so I'm using them on my bloated stomach and psoriatic arthritis so trying to settle my pain. So we will see how that all goes. Can’t wait to start using them on clients for cellulite/fascia also.

Mys K
My Neurodiverse review

Fasciq silicone cup set are great, I've used them a few times since I received them. I have chronic injuries & the fascia in my body is really tight & sore, so I am listening to my body & slowly building my practice up with fasciq silicone cups. For many decades I've experienced alot of remedial massage, foam rolling and other compression therapies - fasciq silicone cups feels like decompression therapy, so I'm still exploring & learning how my body responds to decompression and wether fasciq silicone cups will help my chronic injuries, body pain & cellulite.

I'm neurodiverse & on the spectrum so I process & experience things differently. I tried using the cups in the shower with soap n water and I didn't like the feel, I preferred using them with oil on my skin to help them move & glide easier, I also tried using them in the steam room & they worked although I did get dizzy (I have low blood pressure), so I I may have over done it slightly in the steam room - I will try again and keep listening to & learning from MY body. I also appreciate the different sized cups to work on different body parts & to build up feeling different suction on different body parts. I also noticed how my skin gets really red & how silicone cupping feels supportive to my circulation & lymphatic drainage system. I will keep exploring, experimenting, practicing, listening to my body, seeing & feeling how i go with my new fasciq silicone cup practice. Thank You :-)

Norma Battes

Great product need more. I have 5 packs haha

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