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With decades of experience in the human kinesiology tape market, we decided to create a product specifically tailored to animals. VetkinTape veterinary kinesiology tape was born – a selection of tapes designed to be comfortable for animals, while providing support and relief from pain and inflammation. Our kinesiology tapes for animals are ideal for horses/equine, dogs/canine, and other animals, and can be used to support muscles and joints. Get your veterinary kinesiology tape today and give animals the highest level of support and comfort!

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You may have seen athletes wearing tape on various parts of their bodies. But did you know that animals can also benefit from this? VetkinTape® veterinary tape has been specially developed for use on animals such as horses and dogs. There are different strategies that can be applied to taping your animal, and each has different results. You can tape your animal to help relieve muscle pain and muscle relaxation, and if done properly it can even reduce swelling from an injury. Although taping is considered a safe alternative therapy, and you can buy tape yourself, it is recommended that it is applied by a qualified therapist. We train these people ourselves in our courses so they know exactly how to apply the VetkinTape®!

Equine kinesiology taping

Equine Kinesiology Taping is a fairly new and revolutionary technique used to help horses recover from injuries, reduce pain, and improve performance. VetkinTape is the first and only equine kinesiology tape specifically designed to support the equine athlete. VetkinTape's equine kinesiology tape provides a strong and flexible support to the muscles, tendons and ligaments without adding bulk or restricting movement. It is made of a thin and breathable cotton that can be applied in multiple directions to support the body’s natural movement. With VetkinTape, veterinarians, trainers and riders can provide their horses with the best possible support for performance and recovery.

Canine kinesiology taping

Canine kinesiology taping with VetkinTape is a great way to treat a variety of canine conditions. It is a type of elastic adhesive tape that is applied to the skin in order to provide support and stability to the musculoskeletal system. The tape works by stimulating the underlying muscles and providing support to the joints and ligaments, allowing them to function better. VetkinTape can be used to treat injuries, aid in rehabilitation, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and reduce pain. Additionally, the tape can help to improve balance and coordination, as well as increase range of motion and flexibility. This makes VetkinTape an ideal treatment option for dogs during recovery or rehabilitation periods.

VetkinTape® kinesiology tape for animal uses include;

  • Alleviating injured muscles (pain relief and stimulates circulation)
  • Generating an improvement in recovery times and performance
  • Realignment of biomechanical and postural dysfunction

VetkinTape is a medical tape or kinesiology tape designed specifically for veterinary use. It is an adhesive tape made from a breathable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic material.

Although some tape colours are exclusive to some of the sizes veterinary kinesiology tape, the specifications of the products are the same regardless of the color. Selecting multiple colors for a single application can help to create a visual representation of the tape placement. Ultimately, colour choice is a matter of personal preference.

Veterinary kinesiology tape can be used on different coat lengths with the right surface preparation, stretching, and technique. The amount of stretch applied must be appropriate for each application to be successful. You will need to use more stretch on longer coats and less stretch on shorter coats. VetkinTape is designed to stick to fur, not skin, so when taping an animal that has recently been groomed (such as a horse or dog), you should be extra careful. In some cases <a href=””>pre-taping spray</a> might come in handy.

In theory <a href=””>VetkinTape</a> veterinary kinesiology tape can be applied to any animal. However, most people apply it on either horses or dogs. But we have seen applications on cats, camels and even lizards over the years!

Kinesiology tape for animals can provide support and stability to an animal’s joints and muscles, reduce the risk of injury, and help the animal to heal from current injuries.

Kinesiology tape for animals is generally safe and has no known side effects. However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian or rehabiltation specialist before applying tape to an animal yourself. Proper application is very important for it to work well.