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VetkinTape® veterinary tape is an elastic kinesiology tape, developed and innovated especially for the veterinary application. Order the VetkinTape introducty offer to explore various taping techniques, which are fully explained in the manual included in this offer.

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Our customers buy VetkinTape® Veterinary Kinesiology Tape because it is specifically designed to apply for veterinary purposes.

VetkinTape® product features

VetkinTape® (1,2 inch, 2,4 inch and 3,9 inch) has a number of key features; a special adhesive layer designed to stick on animal coats, 145% stretch to match the many and varied sizes of animals where application is required, primarily in canine and equine kinesiology taping.

Applications of VetkinTape®

VetkinTape® is mainly applied on horses, dogs and cattle as part of and in support of a treatment programme. This 24-hour therapy, without addition of medication, is also very suitable to keep a horse supple and fit during competitions. For human applications, it is advisable to remove the hair, but for animals it is necessary to tape over the coat. By applying the tape correctly, the fascial structures in the skin are influenced by the hair. This stimulation has a positive effect on the self-healing capacity through which various effects can be achieved.

VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology tape uses include;

  • Improved function, resulting in faster recovery.
  • Stimulation of blood and lymph circulation.
  • Influencing the fascial structures.
  • Stimulation or sedation of muscle tone.
  • Faster and more beautiful recovery of scars.
CureTape® kinesiology tape TUV quality mark

VetkinTape® is TÜV certified

In order to demonstrate that VetkinTape® meets the highest quality requirements, we have engaged TÜV Rheinland to test the product. TÜV Rheinland is one of the most important international suppliers of (technical) services for quality and safety. TÜV Rheinland's conclusion: VetkinTape® is a safe, latex-free product that meets the highest quality requirements.