Massage gun for horses

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The FASCIQ Massage Gun is very useful as an additional tool in the treatment of horses. It is often difficult and intensive to treat the horse’s muscle tissue manually. Horses will get used to the pleasant effect of a soothing deep-tissue massage very soon.

FASCIQ® Massage Gun Mini for treating horses

The FASCIQ Massage Gun is the powerhouse among massage guns. Small in its kind, but very powerful. Because of its size and weight of only 500 grams, the gun lies comfortably in the hand and is easy to take along. The strength can be adjusted in 4 different positions with a touch button. With the included heads you can knead, vibrate and beat. With a massage gun you imitate a Deep Tissue massage. With knocking and vibrating movements you exert pressure on the tissue. For sensitive points, a slow build-up of force and speed is recommended. You can slowly build up the power by first starting with slow knocking or vibrating movements, and then build up the massage. The device makes no noise, so horses are not frightened and quickly get used to the treatment. The first step is to locate and palpate the areas of tension and the degree of tension. Then start the treatment with the massage gun. Because you can choose from the different attachments, you can adapt the massage gun as good as possible to the area of the horse that needs to be treated.
    1. Improves blood circulation.
    2. Reduces stress and tension.
    3. Makes stiff muscles flexible.
    4. Effective in treating muscle knots.
    5. Stimulates the elimination of waste products from the tissue.
An additional advantage: it spares your finger and hand joints!

Sound on! This is how the Massage Gun for horses works


The different attachments of the Massage Gun

The Massage Gun Mini comes in a beautiful storage box with charger and 4 attachments.
  1. Round convex head: For general use. Can be used all over the body, especially on large muscle groups.
  2. Flat head: For general use all over the body and for a relaxing massage.
  3. U-shaped head: Especially applicable to the spine, neck, shoulder and bony areas of the body, this head provides more stimulation.
  4. Ball shape head: This narrow head is used on joints, knots, trigger points and for deep massage.


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