VetkinTape® Equine & Canine Kinesiology Tape 1.2” x 16′

VetkinTape® Equine & Canine Kinesiology Tape 1.2” x 16′

VetkinTape veterinary kinesiology tape (1.2” x 16′) is an easy-to-use and latex free product. It is specifically developed for the veterinary professionals.

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VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology tape (1.2” x 16′) is an easy-to-use, latex free product. It is specifically developed for the veterinary professionals.

VetkinTape® highlights key features, such as:

  • Acrylic, latex-free adhesive layer which is heat-activated
  • 100% hypoallergenic and thus animal friendly
  • Wave-patterned to improve comfort for the animal
  • The tape lasts up to five days
  • The elasticity of the tape corresponds to the elasticity of animal furs
  • Easy to apply and durable yet comfortable to wear due to its thickness and soft, breathable quality of elastic cotton

VetkinTape® rolls are wider than the original kinesiology tapes for the human market (CureTape®) and is improved with a stronger and more adhesive acrylic layer (+30% more adhesive). VetkinTape® is specifically designed for use on animals and should only be used for veterinary purposes.

Available in the colors: Blue, red, black and orange

How does VetkinTape® work?

VetkinTape® works according to the principles of kinesiology tape for the human market. VetkinTape® is applied to the skin and has an elastic quality. This allows it to decompress the skin to help relieve pressure and pain. Healing is accelerated by increasing the availability of oxygen, lymph and blood flow. VetkinTape® can also ensure that toxins are drained away sooner. This is especially desirable in case of swelling and oedema. These days, there are thousands of VetkinTape® fans in the world who use it with great pleasure on their horses and/or dogs.

VetkinTape® kinesiology tape is applied for:

  • Activating of the blood- and lymph circulation.
  • Influencing the fascia and muscles
  • Treating scars
  • Tendon injuries- and inflammations
  • Post-treatment of muscular injuries
  • Improvement of the muscle function
  • Support of the joint function
  • Filled legs


We tried the rest- and stick with the best!

“We are a nonprofit organization that hosts a revolving herd of around 12. With this many horses that we need to keep in tip-top shape, we have gone through a LOT of rolls of tape. After trying so many others, Vetkin is the brand we keep coming back to. It does a great job of adhering to the fur and staying put. We see a big difference in the comfort and healing of our herd. Plus, they have been great to work with on the customer service side. We felt great support in asking questions, ordering, follow up and anything else we’ve contacted their team about- and it’s been a lot! We highly recommend Vetkin Tape as the highest quality for product and customer service.”

-Manes and Miracles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Susannah Secrett
Best Equine Kinesiology Tape

Stays on the longest of all tapes I have tried


Great quality tape, so easy to use and lasts really well

Marama Salter
Vetkin Tape

Great tape suitable for all equine rehabilitation and muscle support. I run an equine bodywork business and highly recommended this brand of tape to other clients and practitioners.

Pam Steinhaus
Works great

I have been using it on my dogs tail due to a growth. However, I ordered 2 and have only gotten one.

Andy simpson
Very very happy

Very glad to be back using Vetkin tapes%2C when I first started taping I used rock tapes%2C I found once they stopped producing equine specific tape that I was having issues with adhesion%2C so I started trying many different tapes. I’ve tried many different ones but have come back happily and settled with Vetkin%2C all my equine clients will agree the results speak for themselves. %0D%0AThank you all the team at Thysol. %0D%0A%0D%0AAndy

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