FASCIQ® Facial Cupping set – Face Cups

FASCIQ® Facial Cupping set – Face Cups

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The FASCIQ facial cupping set is specifically designed for treating the face, neck and décolleté region of the body. The facial cupping treatment results in a very popular anti-aging effect.


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Premium Grade Silicone
Promotes Blood Circulation
For Dynamic or Static Cupping

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Cupping set designed for face treatments

The FASCIQ facial cupping set is specifically designed for treating the face, neck and décolleté region of the body. The facial cupping kit comes with a handy storage bag and contains 2 medium and 2 mini facial cups. Using the cups simultaneously will result in a professional, even stimulation of the facial region.

The cups can be used simultaneously for an even (facial) treatment. Ideal for wrinkles, crow’s feet, skin improvement, skin firming, draining moisture around the eyes and relaxation. Used in connective tissue massage to create collagen and elastin.

Note: Together with the Facial Cupping Set, CureTape® Beauty kinesiology face tape can also be used for facial & beauty treatments.


FASCIQ Silicone cupping sets, Grip Edition

All our silicone cupping sets have a unique design with an ergonomically developed Grip pattern. This grip pattern makes the silicone cupping sets easier to hold and turn combined with a crystal clear, smooth surface. All silicone cups have a soft & comfortable feel making resulting in the best vacuum effect. The FASCIQ cups are easy to clean and have an extremely long lifetime. FASCIQ only uses the highest quality silicone for its cups as well as the best developed elasticity, completely BPA free.


FASCIQ® Facial Cupping set

I’ve just ordered this after my first purchase of the other cups. Customer service is great and delivery fast. I was skeptical about this however after some research online I started to do it in the evening before bed with facial creams. It not only helps with the absorption of the products, but it also massages and relaxes me before I go to bed. Not to mention the visible results next morning after only 1 day of use: I’ve been waking up without puffiness and under eyes swelling. If you are interested in facial cupping, you should give it a try.”

Customer who prefers to remain anonymous,

Sizes Facial cupping set:

The Mini facial cups are suitable for the treatment of eye contours and wrinkles above the lips. The Medium facial cups are used for neck, décolleté and other areas of the face.

2 x Medi cup      : ø 1.5” x 3.15”
2 x Mini cup       : ø 0.6” x 2”

The Mini cups are suitable for the treatment of eye contours and wrinkles on the upper lip. The Medi cups are used for the rest of the face, neck and décolleté.
By pressing the silicone cups on the skin, a vacuum is created. Then move the cups over the skin surface to be treated. Use the FASCIQ cream or another (nourishing) massage cream or oil that is suitable for the face. Build up the intensity during the treatment by creating more vacuum with the cups. This intensive connective tissue facial massage can provide a smoother and firmer skin surface and a radiant, well-perfused skin.

Facial Cupping Effect:

  • Activating the blood circulation.
  • Production of collagen and elastin is stimulated.
  • Provides deep cleansing of the pores.
  • Remove dead skin cells and sebum.
  • Improvement and softening of scars.
  • Reduction of wrinkles and puffiness.

Facial cupping

By applying gentle pressure on the skin and squeezing the facial silicone cupping the therapist can adjust the vacuum created by the cup for tailored treatment results. The therapist can then ‘glide’ the cup over the skin during treatment to stimulate blood flow and waste removal under the skin. The use of FASCIQ® fascia cream will enable the facial cup to ‘glide’ easier and at the same time nourish the tissue. Build intensity during treatment by squeezing the cup more to increase the vacuum with the cups.
This method of facial cupping massage stimulates the connective tissue and cells to release waste, promote lymph and blood flow which results in a smoother and firmer looking skin.

Facial cupping video

For more videos browse the FASCIQ YouTube channel.

Step 1:

Remove air from the inside of the cup by squeezing the massage cup in the middle.

Step 2:

Place the cup on the chosen skin area and release the cup to create a vacuum.

Step 3:

Very gently move the cup across the skin in either a straight line, circle or zigzag.

Step 4:

To remove the cup from the skin, push the middle of the cup before pulling it away from the skin.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sarah Jessup
Good quality cupping set

I found the size (circumference) of the cups a great size to comfortably use on my face. The quality is very good with strong enough suction. I really love cupping on my back/shoulders/legs so will probably buy the body set.


Amazing! So easy to use. My skin instantly looks better after each use.

Really good

Love that this comes in sets of 2. They are just the right size for the face and do the job well.

Amanda Preston

Excellent quality

Nice suction, seeing results

I purchased these facial cups to eliminate my 11 lines between my eyes. These lines are pretty deep. I have been using them twice daily for one week and am starting to notice a difference. The cups are easy to use. Provide good suction and don’t leave hickie marks. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

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