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What is ankle instability?

Many people and especially athletes suffer from ankle instability. This instability is often caused by recurring spraining of the ankle, so that the ankle ligaments are stretched or torn and the healing process is lengthy and slow.

Approximately 30% of people still suffer from an unstable feeling one year after tearing the ankle ligament. Ankle instability can be accompanied by swelling and gives a feeling of insecurity during walking and exercising. In addition to swelling, stiffness is a complaint that accompanies weak ankles.

Sports tape during exercise

There are athletes who like to “stabilize” the ankles with the familiar white, non-elastic sports tape while exercising. Movement is almost impossible. This gives the athlete a certain feeling. After exercising, this tape must be removed again.


Ankle stability and support: 8-figure with CureTape®

Within the Kinesiology Taping Concept we have a single- tape application that is very suitable for both ankle instability and preventive during exercise. The advantage of this taping application is that the tape remains on the ankle for a few days and that showering is no problem. CureTape kinesiology tape can also provide pain relief, moisture transport and function improvement.

If the ankle joint is unstable, a tape can be applied that gives a supporting effect and also stimulates the proprioception of the joint. The joint receives a signal via the nerve pathways to prevent spraining. The tape feels like a second skin and is not perceived as disturbing.

The tape application has the shape of an 8 and, depending on which form of instability it is, can be applied for support starting from medial or lateral.
In the case of a medial sprain, we recommend applying the 8 tape as described below. Pay attention to the fact that CureTape® is applied without stretching at the start and end, but with maximum stretch in the area of the ligamentous structures of the ankle.

• Place the end of the tape over the lateral malleolus.
• Then let the tape run in a caudal direction, under the foot (heel).
• The tape then runs up, over the medial malleolus to the front of the foot.
• Let the tape run backwards over the medial malleolus by going to the dorsum of the foot towards the outside and in the region of metatarsal.

This tape can also be applied the other way around, starting on the inside.
For athletes, a stronger proprioceptive stimulation is often necessary. This strong stimulation is achieved by making the 8-figure double-sided (the 1st starts medially, the second laterally).

For successful treatment of ankle instability with CureTape visit a therapist or sports masseur.

ankle stability kinesiology tape
ankle stability kinesiology tape
ankle stability kinesiology tape

Taping tip: use CureTape Sports kinesiology tape for foot problems. Applying tape on the foot is a vulnerable and bruisable area. Especially if stretch is used and tape is applied over tape. That is why CureTape Sports has been used for this tape application.

Please note that applications provided on our website are not clinically proven. All mentioned applications are based on extensive evaluation and case studies with licensed physiotherapists and/or other health professionals.

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