THYSOL Resistance Trainer Pro Xtreme Straps – Army Green

THYSOL Resistance Trainer Pro Xtreme Straps – Army Green

This Suspension Trainer will give you the opportunity to do full body workouts from home. The set includes: 2 Adjustable suspension straps, 1 extension and 1 handy door anchor.

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The suspension trainer has recently grown very popular for home workouts. The FASCIQ® Suspension Training kit (also called: suspension straps, bands or sling trainer) will give you the opportunity to do full body workouts from home. The only thing you will need is your own body weight. The suspension trainer is manufactured with high-grade quality materials and can therefore withhold a load of up to 250kg! The included door anchor will allow you to easily attach it to your door. It is very easy to get started, handy for travelling and little to no storage space needed.

Suspension trainer/straps description:

  • Easy to store
  • Small workout area required.
  • Perfect for all-round exercises, full-body workouts and Crossfit
  • Helps to build full-body strength and perfect for strengthening the core.
  • Perfect use for overall toning
  • Easy for at-home or on-the-go usage
  • Great for rehabilitation training, improve balance and strengthening stabilizer muscles
  • Re-enforced quality with heavy duty webbing and top stitching (maximum load of up to 250kg!)

Set includes:

  • 2 Adjustable suspension straps
  • 1 extension anchor
  • 1 handy door anchor

Why buy the THYSOL® Xtreme – suspension trainer?

The high quality of our suspension trainer will guarantee optimal hold and experience. The FASCIQ® training kit will provide your workout with extra instability, forcing your muscles to find the right balance whilst exercising, making it a lot more efficient. In many exercises, such as a suspended push ups or lunges, you activate your abdominal muscles in addition to the targeted muscle groups.

Make sure that you practice controlled movements, and don’t over-train the body when you are just starting out with these suspension trainers. You will definitely feel this the next day!

What to look out for when buying a suspension trainer

The THYSOL suspension trainer is a premium-quality fitness tool that will take your workouts to the next level. Its unique design adds an extra element of instability, making your familiar exercises feel significantly more challenging. For instance, a suspended push-up or lunge not only targets specific muscle groups but also engages your core muscles for added abdominal activation. It’s important to note that training with the suspension trainer may initially feel discouraging due to the increased difficulty.

To ensure proper usage, utilise the provided door anchor for easy attachment. For additional training options, consider purchasing a ceiling hook. Avoid attaching the trainer’s metal hook to another metal object, as the friction between them can lead to accelerated wear and metal fatigue. Always rely on the supplied door anchor or suspension anchor for safe and optimal suspension trainer use. Other important factors to consider when using the suspension trainer are:

  • Always make sure the area around the suspension trainer is clear in case of a fall.
  • Make sure to keep tension on the suspension trainer at all times.

How to hang the suspension trainer

  1. Determine the Hanging Location: The suspension trainer offers versatile usage options, making it a portable gym. Whether you’re traveling or have limited space, it’s an excellent tool for adding an extra challenge to your workouts. Choose a suitable hanging location that provides ample space for you to stand completely beneath it, such as a rack or a tree.
    1. Attaching with the Door Anchor: If using the door anchor, only attach the suspension trainer to the side where the door slams shut. This prevents the door from warping and reduces the risk of someone accidentally opening the door while you’re in the middle of an exercise. Hang the weighted part of the door anchor over the door and close it securely. Attach the suspension trainer to the anchor using the hook provided. Always check the firmness of the anchorage by pulling on the suspension trainer firmly a few times.
    2. Using the Suspension Anchor: The suspension anchor, a yellow ribbon with black seams, is included with the suspension trainer. It’s important to note that the different pockets in the suspension anchor are not intended for inserting the hook of the suspension trainer to adjust the height. Instead, place the hook of the suspension trainer in the lower loop of the suspension anchor. Anchoring the suspension trainer in other compartments can cause the seams to tear, posing a risk of falling while bearing your full weight. The pockets in the suspension anchor are designed to hold the hook of the suspension anchor itself. Wrap the anchor around a tree, post, or other sturdy object as many times as possible and secure the hook in one of the designated pockets. Alternatively, you can use the hook of the suspension anchor as a loop for attachment.

By following these steps, you can securely and effectively hang your suspension trainer, ensuring safe and enjoyable workouts. Remember to always prioritise safety and check the stability of the anchors before use.

Suspension kit for full body workouts, Crossfit and Sling training at home

Tone and build full-body strength as well as endurance & flexibility with the FACSIQ® suspension training set. Customize workouts to your own preference, a high intensity 20-minute-workout can be enough to give your body that extra boost.

The door anchor included in the kit make the trainer straps easy to attach, so you can train at home, work, while traveling or outdoors. Take your workouts to the next level!


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