Trigger point massage tools

Improve Range of Motion
Release Trigger Points & Muscle Knots
Reduce Muscle Pain & Increase Strenght

By using various trigger point massage tools (i.e. peanut balls large, peanut massage ball small,  12 inch epp foam roller, grid foam rolller and trigger point balls) trigger points can be treated and the muscle will be able to relax. A well-functioning and nourished fascial network keeps the body in good condition and supple.

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Our customers choose FASCIQ® Trigger Point Massage Tools as we offer an extensive range of trigger point massage tools to (self) release your fascia

FASCIQ® Trigger point massage tools for myofascial release

In order to keep the body and muscles flexible, THYSOL offers a line of FASCIQ® trigger point massage tools that can be used for myofascial release (trigger point therapy), including foam rollers, peanut balls and massage balls.

Trigger Points

Trigger points are knots in a muscle that can lead to poor functioning of the muscle. They cause tissue tension and poor perfusion, which can cause injuries and strains. Trigger points cause pain locally and in a referral pattern. They are usually the result of a poor posture, a lack of excercise or movement, lack of sleep, obesity, smoking, lifting heavy objects or working on a computer all day. But there are many other causes for trigger points to appear.

Trigger point tools are used for:

  • Increase the range of motion (mobility).
  • Improve tissue perfusion.
  • Increase muscle strength.
  • Stimulate or sedate muscles.
  • Reduce muscle pain.
  • Ensure proper tissue hydration.
  • Release muscle knots (trigger points).

Trigger point massage therapy

Looking for a salutary full body massage where specific points are relieved of pain? During trigger point massage therapy painful trigger points are addressed appropriately. When pain occurs in your patients’ body, it can have a radiating effect on other parts of the body. This results in bad posture, difficulty in movement and can cause more additional problems. With trigger point massage tools, an average pressure is applied deep into the tissue to relieve the pain points, restoring a part of your patients’ body original range of movement. This massage therapy is ideal for patients who have long-term ailments, or for those who are recovering from an injury.